Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have this feeling at the back of my head,
That I was never meant to be happy.
Even if there is an inkling of happiness I forced out to myself,
A wave of darkness would sweep past it a moment later.
I tried.
I tried very hard, for so many times.
But I just couldn't be happy.
I can't even trick myself into believing at my life is a happy one.
Sometimes I try to make people change to make me happy,
Sometimes I try to please others to see if I could be happier.
But nothing works.
I simply, can't be happy.
Now I just feel like I should leave everybody alone,
'Cause everyone else seemed to be living except for me.
And I feel like I'm becoming more like a burden by staying in their lives.
If I can't make anyone happy,
If my unhappiness caused pain to others,
Then I don't deserve to have anyone,
To be with anyone at all.
Maybe I should just let go..

1 comment:

  1. If the happiness is from the deep of ur heart, it will infect other people. Happy always...